Benefits of Automatic Driving Lessons – An Overview

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Learning how to drive can very well be a daunting task, more so, when you do not learn the skills properly, from the right mentor, the right driving school, in the right vehicle, and using the right techniques. This is why, you need to enroll yourself in a reputed driving institute that will teach you the right techniques and in the right vehicles.

What better name can you opt for, than Darshan Driving School? Apart from the fact that we are home to some of the best driving instructors and the best training vehicles at our disposal, we always encourage our trainees to learn automatic driving lessons rather than the ones with manual transmission. But why? This is because the automatic version comes with a string of benefits that help you to learn the driving skills with more precision and in quicker time. 

Here they are for you!

It is Simpler To Learn In Cars With Automatic Transmission

The first and foremost benefit of driving a car with automated transmission is that it is much easier and simpler to learn driving in these vehicles. While in a car with a manual transmission you have a lot of things to do, including pressing down the clutch when you turn the ignition one.

Then that is just the start of your woes, more so if you are a  beginner, when you set the car to roll, you need to press the clutch again to change the gear, and repeat the same time every time you shift the gear. So you see, it's a constant juggle that you need to do while you drive.

In cars with automatic transmission on the other hand, this entire procedure is taken care of by the vehicle itself. As a result of which you can put your focus on the other aspects of driving, like traffic rules and communicating with the instructor. Hence, you learn more quickly when you learn driving in vehicles with automatic driving lessons in Melbourne as you get more scope and time to emphasise the potential driving challenges and the instructions of your mentor. 

Cars with automatic transmission are more common in Australia

Unlike in other parts of the world,  cars with automatic transmission are much more common and hence, most of the reputed driving schools would encourage their trainees to learn automatic driving lessons like in any other part of the country.

You will come across more driving schools in Melbourne, those who would encourage you to learn automatic driving than the manual one, and one of the main reasons behind this is that cars with automated transmission are more common than cars with manual transmission. 

It prevents you from growing the habit of stopping the car

One of the main reasons why people do not learn to drive quickly is due to their habit of getting scared and stopping the car amid heavy traffic. Now when a learner stops repeatedly during training in heavy traffic in big cities,  that poses a problem for other vehicles.

When to learn in a car with automatic transmission, you cannot do so, as these cars cannot be stopped at the drop of a hat. This is because the mechanism that the automatic cars follow to transmit power to the wheel drive from the engine is entirely different, and is affected by any manual input.

Thus, you see even when you put your stakes on the cheapest driving lessons in Melbourne, it is always wiser to go for training with an automated transmission. We at Darshan Driving School do the same. For more details, call us on 0431 336 996 during our office hours.