6 Critical Tips to Drive Safely at Night for Beginners

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Night driving fetches its own set of security risks. Regardless of whether you are an experienced or a new driver, you should never demean the precarious nature of night driving. Studies and researches have proved 80% road fatalities occur during the night and therefore, use of defensive driving skills are a must especially for beginners while driving in the dark.

To make night driving a breeze, we have outlined top 6 tips that would help you tackle critical on-road hazards and keep you safe behind the wheels.

Wipe Your Windshield

Dirty and grimy windshield is not only annoying but harmful especially when driving in the dark. In can obstruct your vision to forecast the on-road hazards and make you vulnerable to life-threatening car crashes. Dust particles may not be visible during daytime but can build up secretly on your windshield. Before heading out with your car at night, make sure you clean your windshield both from inside and outside.

Inspect Your Headlights

Headlights play a crucial role in helping you identify potholes and spot cars approaching from opposite directions. Therefore, you must ensure your headlights and rear lights are in proper working order. Keep in mind the learner driver lessons and ensure the headlights are aimed in the right direction and don’t blind vision of other drivers approaching from opposite lanes.

Keep Safe Distance from Cars Ahead

The key to staying safe behind the wheels is by maintaining a safe distance from cars ahead and around you. Use your headlights to gauge the distance and your stopping time. Heavy-duty vehicles such as trucks, loaders and buses rule the night roads and to ensure safety at it’s best, you should allow them to pass and then proceed with your car.

Stay Out of Distractions While Driving

90% of road accidents account for distracted driving. Eating, speaking over the phone or putting on your headphones while driving can invite high risks of collisions and even result in loss of life. When it comes to night driving, you need to be more cautious and stay attentive throughout the journey to minimise chances of injuries and dangerous road fatalities. Besides putting your life at stake, distracted driving can take a toll on the life of pedestrians and animals crossing the road at night.

Driving Being Intoxicated is a BIG NO

Alcohol-impaired driving is another potential cause of increased road accidents. Especially beginners who have recently passed from reputed driving school feel adrenalin rush and take charge of the steering while being intoxicated. Drink and drive can impair your vision to predict on-road hazards and seize your concentration from road during night time driving. Moreover, drunken driving is considered a serious crime and can put you behind the bars.

Keep Speed Limits Under Control

90% of new drivers consider driving to be an expedition and tend to break speed limits. Driving instructors always recommend keeping speed limits under control especially if you are a new driver and heading out with your car at night for the first time. During the night, your time to respond to emergency road alerts reduces and hence, it’s prudent to abide by road norms and keep speed limits in check.

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