5 Crucial Driving Tips to Stay Safe from Collisions & Accidents

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An incident report from 2018 points out that roadside collisions cost general fleets approximately $57 billion to compensate for the repairs, medical bills and downtime due to lost productivity. That same report also indicates that the yearly insurance rates increased to 33%.

So, it is imperative to say that maintaining road safety is paramount whenever driving on a busy street or freeway.

And to keep drivers safe on the highway and limit the chances of nasty collisions or unwanted happenstances; Darshan Driving School shares these 5 driving tips.

Always Be Aware Of Your Blind Spots

Proper visibility is the most important aspect of avoiding accidents and collisions, particularly when cruising on a busy freeway of large commercial vehicles. Being aware of your blind spots however, is one smart way to avoid such unappreciative incidents.

While training our students; each of our driving instructors recommends checking viewing mirrors (both the sides and the rear-view) once every 10 seconds. This practice helps increase their road awareness and safety.

Being Well-Versed With Correct Braking Distance

Those driving smaller cars need to understand the correct braking distance to avoid colliding with another vehicle or worse, a large commercial truck. Common-sense wise, a loaded truck travelling at approximately 55 MPH on a dry pavement will take 4-5 seconds to stop. And accordingly, those trailing should adjust their braking distance based on this assumption to avoid an ugly collision.

At Darshan Driving School; we ensure all our learners go through this safe-driver training program where such matters are discussed comprehensively to increase their driving sense.

We train drivers to always maintain a 3-4 second trailing distance (for dry roads) and 6-9 second distance (for wet roads) so that they get that extra bit of time to hit the brakes and avoid a potential accident. And the fact that our driving lessons are a perfect combination of classroom and on road sessions ensures that the trainees get enough time and scope to get real life experience of driving in modest to heavy traffic and get accustomed with the road conditions in Melbourne. This will help them to get over their jittery during the test, which in turn will help them to crack the test at one go.

Keeping All Distractions Aside When Driving

Statistically speaking, distracted drivers operating on a busy highway stands as one of the leading causes of so many ugly roadside accidents. In fact, 90% of those rear-end collisions happen due to distracted drivers showing delayed reactions.

Our well-planned Victorian drivers’ licence courses teach young drivers the importance of being extra vigilant when commuting through a busy highway. We advise them to pay attention to all road signs, reckless tailgaters, aggressive drivers and even those sharp turns at intersections.

Most importantly; we educate them on the importance of keeping all distractions like texting, smoking or even diddling with their mobile apps aside while driving to increase their awareness and road safety.

In other words, our seasoned and qualified driving instructors would train their trainees to develop an eye for details, which will help them to not only crack the test with flying colours, but to develop themselves as a dependable and extra cautious bloke at the wheels in the long run.

Avoid Driving Under Extreme Duress, Fatigue or The Influence of Alcohol

Driving for long hours can always take its toll on your body. That’s why drivers need to get proper rest before heading out. Driving under duress, fatigue or when feeling intoxicated can hamper sight, reaction time and ability to identify potential highway hazards.

To all our beginners learning to drive; we always educate them to never drive under fatigue, stress or alcohol influence (particularly) as a means to keep them and others on the road safe from harm.

Lastly- Refraining From Cornering, Accelerating and Hard Braking

Always refrain from hard braking, over accelerating and cornering- all of which can lead to an unavoidable accident on a busy road. Besides, this is not the right way from a technical point of view as well. Too much hard braking will result in too much wear and tear of the brake shoe, and you will have to replace them a bit too often! Aggressive braking is the last thing that any good driving school will advise its trainees to indulge in.

As a part of our driving training program; we always promote all good defensive driving habits among every learner in which also involves avoiding such risky habits as a means to improve their road safety.

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