Ditch Poor Driving Courses & Negative Initial Experiences:

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Investing your time and effort in a quality driving school is important to develop positive and confident driving habits. Sadly, not all driving lessons are equal in terms of lesson coverage and imparting the necessary defensive driving practices.

Stating the obvious, the quality of a driving course does play a significant role in your learning experience. Not only do students learn to master the art of Safe-driving, they gain a boost in their self-esteem and ability to tackle all types of roads in different weather conditions.

A detailed driving course, aptly conducted by an equally proficient instructor can help an aspiring driver recognise potential road hazards beforehand. And by teaching those safety practices (both in theory and in real-time), these courses help a novice driver procure a driving license and transform into a fully responsible and safe driver for life.

Understand the Difference with DARSHAN DRIVING SCHOOL

  • As an already reputed school for all our trained students (and with hopes of being yours too very soon); we provide you lessons which develops your driving skills and make you confident whenever you hit the road. 
  • We know that mastering safe-driving skills require detailed learning and extensive real-time practice. That’s why we provide you with both Automatic & Manual driving lessons all across Melbourne (in Single lesson package/5 lesson package/10 lesson package
  • We even provide you, Free Keys2Drive classes, for safe driver skills along with logbook training.

Our Driving Instructor Will Even Help You Procure the Best Package Deal

Considering the number of driving schools operating in Melbourne and the kind of confusion it creates to any first-time learner, we can help you in that department.Enrol for our first lesson and depending on your performance; our diligent instructors will help you figure out the best package for you. What’s more, we don’t charge you for the retest which as per our rules should be done inside 1 month from your test date.

We Value Your Comfort-In-Learning-To-Drive. That Why We Give You Only The Best Options Around…

  • Whatever driving classes you enrol for, be rest assured that they will be conducted by licensed driving trainers having impressive experience and record in training students.
  • You will be taught at your comfortable pace, and our instructors won’t mind answering your questions no matter how many you ask. They will behave cordially with you and teach you everything about proper driving in an engaging and interactive environment.
  • As road safety is an integral part of defensive driving, we will teach you everything you need to stay safe on the road. Even when you train, your designated instructor will be beside you to monitor your performance and even pen down your mistakes to correct next time.
  • You will even learn about all crucial rules of Victorian roads. With that; knowledge about traffic regulations, road sign identification and use of roads expertly will also be taught in details. 

As a keepsake, you will get a driving handbook containing an overview of all rules and norms for driving on Victorian roads.

  • Having a multi-culture of female & male driving instructors (Certificate IV in Transport & Logistics) for comprehensive training across Melbourne, we conduct lessons in all Melbourne suburbs. We follow ADTAV’s strict code of ethics- which entails- Safe drivers for life.
  • Moreover, we even help in overseas license conversion by guiding you every step of the process.

Your Search for a Trustworthy Driving School in Melbourne Finally Ends With US

Offering you the cheapest driving lessons in Melbourne but with comprehensive lesson coverage, we guarantee that you will clear your test in your 1st attempt. And procure your legitimate driving license no matter how nervous you are at the start.

Our lessons will be tailored as per your specific requirements. And, on online bookings; you will even get appreciative discounts. 

We Serve Entire Melbourne 

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