Driving Instructor Qualities You Should Look For

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When learning to drive, picking the right instructor can be a huge step. The instructor will be guiding you through a delicate process that requires determination, patience and good communication from everyone involved. So, to be successful, you need to find the right one.

Driving instructors are just the people hired to help new drivers learn efficiently. They undergo rigorous training and certification processes to become a professional trainer. We suggest thinking about the type of people you know with and which learning styles work for you.

To keep it simple, we've listed few qualities that all good driving instructors should possess. Consider these points when searching for a driving instructor, and your driving learning will be off to the best possible start!

Professional Instructors

After joining a driving school, you will be learning the necessary skills from an instructor. Therefore, the essential thing at the driving school you must consider is that it has professional and competent driving instructors. The instructors should have a thorough knowledge of the basic and up to date driving rules and techniques for you to benefit from. Other qualities they should possess are being cool-headed, patience, and teaching abilities with different styles so every student can fully engage and benefit from them. Moreover, they must be good in communication to always know if you are doing a good job and learn from your mistakes when you make them. In addition, they should be having the capability of turning a new learner into a proficient driver. 

Patient; Cool-headed

Best driving instructors are ready for the unexpected and won't get upset when you make a mistake. Driving is stressful, particularly when you are new to driving. So it makes them need extra attention during their first few driving lessons, and the important thing is your progress, for which your instructor should be understanding and patient. Dual pedal and brake controls are in place so that the instructor can take over control of the car if anything goes wrong.

Teaching new drivers can be challenging. A driving instructor's ability to remain calm, professional, and patient in a stressful situation will, in turn, help their student stay calm and focused. This quality provides an environment to concentrate on driving proficiency and learning rather than the chaos of the situation.

Students may make mistakes just like every other driver on the road, and they don't always learn defensive driving skills or maneuvers on the first attempt. A good instructor willing to be patient and allow the student to make mistakes will ensure that the student can learn from their habits and mastering their skills as time progresses.


When it comes to selecting the best driving instructor, experience always plays a significant role. It is one of the critical factors to be looked for in a driving instructor. We would be happy to choose an instructor who has helped many students get their licenses. This shows that they possess the skills to work with students having different needs.

Being in the job for a more extended period, they are likely to know local test routes and examiners. They can share various techniques and advice that will help you top the driving test. An experienced instructor can try different teaching techniques like giving physical demonstrations, verbalizing directions, or drawing out driving maneuvers. Their experience helps you clear the driving test and lay a solid foundation to build your confident driving skills.

Strong communication and listening skills

Mainly for new drivers, these skills are incredibly essential. Feedback is vital when you are learning to drive. They should teach their driving knowledge in a way that you can easily understand. Whether positive or negative feedback, a good instructor will let you know about it to understand your mistakes and progress accurately.  

They should also be able to listen to the troubles and concerns of their students. If an instructor is talking for the duration of the lesson without allowing the student to get a word in, this type of communication is not valuable to the student. It is also possible that some driving students could be scared of being on the road, which leads to the next level. That is why you should look for an instructor who can communicate effectively with you. Through this, you will know what you are already good at and what you need to improve. 


A driving Instructor who can bridge the gap between fun and work is the one who can communicate the importance of the rules of the road while enjoying the drive.

This will be their first time behind the wheel for many learners. So ensuring that they feel calm, relaxed and safe will be the primary duty of a driving instructor. It will make them feel at ease. 

It is also essential to build a relationship between the driving instructor and the student. Being in the car with an unknown person might feel awkward at first, so you need someone to help you feel at ease. Since the driving instructor must work with different people, they need to be socially adept and outgoing. Chatting with your instructor in a relaxed mindset will reduce your nerves and help you enjoy your lessons.

Learning Style

One of the critical points you should remember is if they can cater to your preferred learning style. What teaching style will fit you? What approach can make your learning better? There are different ways to learn something, and there are also diverse methods to teach something. Find the right instructor that will suit your learning requirements and preferences.

Good reviews

Along with the proven qualifications, a great way to measure an instructor is to determine how their previous students rate them. These days the internet acts as the source of all knowledge, so check the ratings available online. Or, if you would instead go old school, ask your local area for suggestions and recommendations.

A driving instructor with a range of glowing reviews is likely to possess all of the qualities listed above. Motivating students through engaging training can help them train and develop as drivers and ensure a successful and productive training session.

Driving is a huge milestone for everyone to celebrate.