How Driving School Lessons Could Make Anyone a Better Parent

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A significant milestone in anyone's life would be learning to drive and get a driver's license. Before you get the license, the path chosen to learn driving is essential. If you aren't sure if you would instead take professional assistance or have a parent teach you to drive, external aid along with the accompaniment of parents is recommended. 

When it comes to considering the concepts for driving, it is reasonable to believe that learning driving from a professional school doesn't mean you cut your parents entirely out of the process. Parents always care greatly for their children's learning. They provide them with an adequate resource for support and reviewing the learning process. Parents can always accompany in the passenger seat while their children are learning to drive. Although the daily classes are over at the training school, parents are a great resource if extra practice hours are needed. 

Unknowingly parents are capable of having a close observation of the children and conduct a commentary driving.

Commentary Driving

Commentary driving is a technique where the parent or the teacher closely observes the traffic conditions and "speaks out" their interpretations, evaluations, and intentions to merge the driving skills depending on the traffic situation. This technique includes reading road signs, weather conditions etc.

The primary point an instructor or a parent should mention in a commentary drive are:

  1. Proper use of mirrors and indicators

  2. Alert of vulnerable road users and pedestrians

  3. Vehicles at cross junctions entering the roadway 

  4. Changes in the road and weather condition 

  5. Actions of other cars on the road that may create impact

Advantages of Commentary Driving

  1. Practice session on driving awareness

  2. Provides judgment for handling critical situations

  3. Increases attention to the number of things a driver should be watching during the drive

  4. Creates skills to resist distractions

  5. Consistent reviews based on previous learning

  6. Quickly review student's participation and observation

Commentary driving is suited for a driving lesson that has covered the essential driving skill. An observation from previous practice sessions and a small theory lesson helps sharpen student visual and observation skills and strengthen their safe driving habits.

Apart from the commentary driving, a parent /teacher should primarily focus on the following areas in the school of driving.

Accurate Supervision

Enabling a student to be a professional driver requires adequate knowledge transfer, spending quality time on training, practising patience in the driving lessons, and help them apply the techniques they have learnt.

A coach should instruct and observe the driving lessons cover some basic dos and don'ts that they have to follow vigorously few of them are:

  • Always wear seatbelts

  • keep your eyes on the road and Always be cautious

  • Hold the string wheels firmly

  • Never get diverted off the driving

  • Always drive the speed limit

  • Do not text while driving

  • Do not drink and drive

  • Obey all traffic laws

Stage Training

Select different road conditions and weather so the student can practice various situations in the driving lessons. The conditions might include driving at night, driving on a sloppy surface, taking on freeway, not the least one parking lot practice is the prime of all the above conditions for a learner. 

Safety and Comfort selection

As part of the driving lessons, educate your student to choose vehicles with basic safety and Comfort, also practice them on reliability, fuel economy in mind. General, the car should have a good safety rating, side-curtain airbags, locks and power windows, automatic transmission and a rear-view camera.

Handling unfortunate situations

Every driver should be well-equipped and have ideas for handling accidents; there should be an emergency kit. The items to be included in the kit are first aid items, a fire extinguisher, warning light or road flares, a flashlight, essential tools and cables.

Practice constructive criticism

If you want your driving lessons to absorb what you're teaching effectively, remember there's a vast difference between criticism and constructive criticism. Driving lessons are a long process and can become very annoying for both students and instructors. Don't lose your temper while driving, no matter how annoying the situation becomes. 

Drive being an example

Unless your children observe what you practice while driving, they will not practice what to do and what not to do while driving. New drivers learn primarily by watching how their instructors behave behind the wheel, so practice what you preach.

Maintaining Driving Records

It becomes critical to store all driving records along; this is also one of the primary educations that any instructor should cover as part of the driving lessons. Mandatory driving records include a Driving Licence, Proof of Vehicle ownership and Insurance as per the driving laws prescribed by the government.

Violation points 

It is essential to educate the students about the driver violation system as part of the driving lessons. Driver violation is a system used by government and insurance companies to determine if a driver practices a good driving record. Monitoring systems capture any Traffic violation. You will get tickets for too many traffic violations, and your license will hit a certain number of points. If you accumulate points within a convinced time, your driving license will be revoked or suspended. The points provided are depending on the severity of the violation. For example, you will get one point for overspeeding, but it may add up to six points for reckless driving.

A professional instructor will know the current road traffic laws & practices. Training is provided to them to teach you how to be safe on the road. They pass tests to prove fitness for conducting the driving lessons, but learning from a parent makes you feel more comfortable learning to drive with a parent, which meets the criteria to supervise you. So it is considered to make parenting more responsible when it comes to teaching driving lessons.