Is it Beneficial to learn to drive only on driving test routes?

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There are a lot of controversial discussions on the benefits and non-benefits of learning to drive in only driving test route areas. It all depends on the learner's requirements and how desperate or how fast he needs to get his driving licence. Normally We recommend learning to drive safely and not for your licence. When you learn to drive safely, you will end up in the right habits and will avoid accidents in future. Which will end up in safe driving habits. Learning to drive is just developing your habits without your knowledge. Anyone who drives frequently will understand all techniques by themselves out of the experience. Moreover learning through experience gives more advantage and confidence than theoretical lessons. And that’s what a learner does while learning to drive.


As per my knowledge, the benefits of learning to drive in test route areas or suburbs are as following

  • Can learn to drive faster - Because the learner is going to drive only on specific routes and the scenarios will be the same repetitive.

  • Can understand the critical places and will be able to handle the car effectively during the driving test. Because he has always learnt in those specific routes.

  • Can handle the driving test easily and get the licence ASAP

  • From the driving instructor point of view, it’s easier for him to provide the training because he is making the student drive on the same route repeatedly.

  • And his pass rate might be high.

Disadvantages in learning to drive in test route suburbs are as following 

  • Since the learner has learnt to drive in specific routes, he might struggle to drive in different routes where the scenario will be different

  • It might make the person lose his confidence while driving on different routes.

  • Might get panic when looking at new scenarios and roads

  • Will find difficulties in handling different scenarios along with traffic

  • Will not be able to develop the skills on handling different and difficult scenarios.

Scenarios of Driving Lessons in Melbourne 

According to my knowledge and experience In Melbourne Metropolitan itself, there are more than 350 suburbs. And if you drive across different suburbs you can notice the road markings and scenarios are totally different from each one. The difference is maintained to have the uniqueness of each suburb and that’s how the road engineering is designed and structured.

For example, there are a lot of differences in driving around the test routes of Dandenong VicRoads compared with Carlton VicRoads or Burwood east VicRoads.

It’s the same scenario with all other VicRoads test routes and moreover, VicRoads Also changes the test routes frequently. Because they want the learner drivers to be a perfect and safe driver.

Anyone who wants to drive would like to drive safely for their life. So why should I take the risk of just getting the licence? Instead of that learn to drive safely by having the driving experience in different scenarios and different suburbs.

So we strongly recommend any learner to learn to drive in different scenarios and develop the proper skills for their life and not for their licence.

When you learn to drive safely by handling different scenarios and traffic, the driving test becomes easy and you will get your driving licence on your first attempt.

The foremost thing is to learn to understand the techniques on how to handle the car safely and effectively by minimising the potential hazards while driving. There is a reason for performing each and every activity while you are driving. To understand the reasons and learn how to implement safe and defensive driving techniques while driving. Which will make you get your driving licence with confidence and make you drive safely on roads.