Transferring an international drivers license to an Australian license

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How would you move an international driver's permit to an Australian license? 

Would you like to drive in Australia yet have an international permit? You can drive with an international license for a brief timeframe in many states, typically around 90 days. However, some states have extended this to 180 days due to Coronavirus. After this period, you should move your international permit into an Australian state permit, dependent on where you originate. 

Transferring an international driver’s licence to an Australian driver's licence is not quite the same as state to state. It can become befuddling in case you're new to how everything functions. To assist with making your experience as basic as could be expected, we've assembled the beneath fundamental data you wanted to know state by state so you can get everything rolling moving your international permit:

New South Wales (NSW) 

To drive with an international permit in NSW, you will initially need to figure out what sort of visa you have. If you're a guest to NSW, you can drive on your present permit, as long as it hasn't been suspended or excluded, and you adhere to the NSW road guidelines. You can drive in NSW on a flow abroad permit for a limit of 90 days. Then, at that point, you should apply for an NSW permit to keep driving.

You will require the accompanying documentation to finish the exchange: 

  • Your proof identity 

  • A Knowledge test

  • A driving test

  • A clinical report

  • Your abroad permit (and an interpretation if not in English) 

For the most state-of-the-art data, see your nearest service centre or visit here:

Victoria (VIC) 

Driving in Victoria on an international permit is dependent on your visa status. If you hold a temporary visa or visit for less than six months, you do not need to get a Victorian driver's permit and can drive for the length of your visit with the proper desk work. 

Your driver's permit should be current and valid, and written in English or joined by an English interpretation or international driving license. The international driving permit must be carried with your overseas licence and from the same country as your licence.

On the other side, if you stay in Victoria for more than six months, you mustconvert your international licence or permit to a Victorian licence.

The type of licence or permit you will get and the tests or appointments you'll need to take depend on:

  • Which country your licence or permit was issued

  • What is your age

  • How long you've had your licence for (this doesn't include your learner permit).

For the most current data, see your nearest administration centre or visit here:

Queensland (QLD) 

Fortunately, if you have a substantial abroad permit, you can drive in Queensland. You can't drive in Queensland on an international license if any of the accompanying concerns you: 

  • Driving suspended if fines not paid.

  • Driving over 40km/hr.

  • Medicinally ill.

  • Not Australian resident- Living in QLD for a very long time.

  • Have failed practical tests.

To keep driving in Queensland after the confined three-month time frame, you should acquire a QLD permit. For the most forward-thinking data, see your nearest administration focus or visit here:

Australian Capital Territory (ACT) 

Visiting drivers are not needed to get an ACT driver's permit provided your abroad permit and international driving license stay flow and your guest status stays unaltered. A visiting driver is characterized as Vacationer, Business People, Individuals visiting companions or family members, Guests on working visas and Individuals studying.

However, abroad drivers of a full permit moving to the ACT are needed to get an ACT driver's permit within 90 days of living to the ACT. If you are more than 25 years of age and hold a full license from an endorsed nation or purview, no further test is required. Suppose you have a permit from a supported country and are younger than 25. In that case, you must go through a street rules information assessment and practical driving test or accomplish a Certificate of Competency under the Competency-Based Training and Assessment Scheme. 

For the most forward-thinking data, see your nearest administration centre or visit here:

South Australia (SA) and Northern Territory (NT):

If you are visiting South Australia, you can drive on a similar vehicle as your current License permits. However, it would be best if you drove as per any conditions on your abroad permit. 

You will require both of these: 

  • A current permit is given in one more country that is written in English. 

  • A driving license with an English interpretation is fundamental or an international driver's permit. 

Drivers should convey their permit records consistently when driving and produce these and their identification to police on demand. 

For the most cutting-edge data, see your nearest administration focus or visit here:

Similar rules apply in Northern Territory. Visit

Tasmania (TAS) 

You can drive in Tasmania on your abroad permit if you are a guest or have a temporary visa (for example, an International student, working,) or have a super durable visa that has not been given over 90 days.  

If you have been given a Tasmanian student permit, you should drive under student permit conditions and join a wholly authorized administrative driver. You can presently not drive utilizing your abroad permit and should pass an on-street driving appraisal to be given a temporary or full Tasmanian permit. Abroad student licenses are not perceived in Tasmania. 

If your abroad permit isn't in English, you should likewise convey by the same token: 

  • An International Driving Permit or 

  • An English interpretation of your permit by an individual authorized to decipher 

For the most exceptional data, see your nearest administration focus or visit here: 

Western Australia (WA) 

If you are a guest to Western Australia (WA), you might drive just those vehicles you are approved to drive on your abroad permit, however long it stays substantial in the nation of issue. If your overseas permit stops to be legitimate, you should apply for a WA permit if you wish to keep driving. 

Visiting drivers include: 

  • Abroad Defense Force faculty and their families 

  • Individuals on business trips 

  • Individuals with working occasion visas 

  • Individuals working temporarily in WA 

  • students considering in WA 

  • Vacationers 

If your abroad permit isn't in English, you should convey an international driving grant or a supported English interpretation of your permit with you when you drive. To have the option to drive on WA roads with your abroad driver's permit (and international driving license, if material), you should: 

  • Carry your permit (an international driving license, if material) with you consistently while driving and show it to a cop whenever requested to do as such; 

  • Consent to some other states of your permit; 

  • Drive just those vehicles that you are approved to drive; 

  • Hold a current permit that isn't suspended or dropped (you can't drive on your abroad permit if you are precluded from driving or your driving advantages are removed). 

For the most state-of-the-art data, see your nearest administration focus or visit here: