5 Misunderstood road rules in Australia - so, are you driving right?

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The five most misunderstood road rules in Australia while driving a car or any vehicle, all these rules are to be kept in mind and taken care of while you are driving a car. And if you maintain all these road rules in your mind while driving a vehicle, then life would be accessible in Melbourne, Australia, and it will also save you from penalties and accidents on the road. So, here is the list as follows:-

1]  Can you change lanes in a Roundabout?

  • Yes, if you obey all the road rules in Australia, you can change your lanes only if the arrows or the road's markings allow it.
  • The driver must give away to the lane they are entering by an indicator.
  • The drivers who wish to go right or left or U-Turn must use their indicator or else should go straight.
  • Drivers must go slow or stop their vehicle if any vehicle is already in the roundabout to avoid accidents. And its legal requirement.
  • Drivers must indicate left/right if they are travelling to the left/right side of the road unless there are any markings or directions on the road. They can stay on the left side of the lane and exit from the left side itself.
  • No need to give indicators if you are going straight ahead, wherever you go, left or right; indicate if the directions on the roads are on the other side.
  • Whenever you exit from the roundabout, indicate if possible, and it's not mandatory.

2]  When turning from a single lane onto a multi-lane road, you must first turn into the inside lane? 

  • You cannot turn into any lane, and it also depends upon the setup of the roads.
  • You should make sure that the adjacent lane should be empty while you merge to any street. For example, if you turn into the left lane, make sure the right road is free, and no vehicles should be there when you ride.
  • Even if you are turning to any lane, just come to the edge of the road while riding. Do not swing wide onto another road or in any traffic zone.
  • You can also turn if it's the closest lane without interfering with the traffic.
  • While turning, you must give way to the pedestrians walking on the road or the vehicles around you.
  • It would be best if you stopped or slow down while indicating and proceed safely.

3]  Are you allowed to change lanes in an intersection?

  • No, you cannot change lanes into an intersection. And it would be best if you did not change lanes on a solid line road marking.
  • You can change lanes due to parked cars, avoiding blocked roads, stationary traffic, blocking the intersection, etc. 
  • It's just the same as a regular lane change, but it's 'invisible.
  • As long as you obey the road rules, indicate, give way, follow the directional markings and arrows, you are good to change the lanes, do not cross the solid lines, which may not allow you to change the routes.
  • You can also change lanes in an intersection to prevent collisions or accidents, as last-minute moves are recommended.
  • But the drivers are however told to avoid changing lanes in an intersection because it's pretty unsafe to do so.

4]  You do not have to stop for a Yellow/Amber 🚦traffic light?

  • No, you are required to stop if possible.
  • A driver must stop while seeing a yellow/amber traffic light safely if he reaches the stop line or traffic lights.
  • Penalties apply to those who fail to stop their vehicle.
  • The driver must stop when they are close to the yellow/amber traffic light safely because it is necessary to stop to avoid penalties, break road rules, and be a safe driver.


5]  Is it illegal to drive through a petrol station or thoroughfare at an intersection?

  • No, it isn't illegal to drive through a petrol station or thoroughfare at an intersection, as long as you obey all the road rules.
  • Usually, during emergencies, rush hours and office hours, drivers tend to do this, which is standard in Melbourne, Australia. 


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