Driving lessons

Managing Anxiety in Driving Lessons

During their first driving lessons, many may suffer from a driving phobia or anxiety. A driving phobia is just like any other phobia and is found to be common with the very first driving lesson. We don’t know why this anxiety starts and not everyone experiences it. Driving anxiety can start with something as simple as driving on freeways to crossing bridges or even making a simple turn.

The most common type of driving anxiety found during a driving lesson is the fear of losing control of the vehicle and causing a collision.Driving anxiety can be overcome but like any other anxiety, conquering it, takes a commitment by the learner and maintaining a sense of calmness during the lesson.

After making the decision to start learning to drive, there are a few steps that you should follow in order to learn easily and effectively.

Choosing a driving instructor:

The first step towards acquiring a driving lesson is to find the right driving instructor whom you are comfortable with. Choosing an instructor can also be done in steps, such as:


  • First, decide which gender you want your instructor to be.
  • Visit a few different driving schools and have a chat with the instructors.
  • Choose the one who is friendly and has a calm nature.
  • A positive attitude is always a plus for the instructor.

Talking to your instructor:

Once you are in the car with your instructor, tell him or her how you feel about driving. Mention your fears regarding driving, and the goals you would like to achieve during your driving lessons. Let your instructor talk to you regarding your anxiety and fears and he or she may be able to give you some advice about how to overcome them.

Positive thinking:

The most important factor while driving is to have a positive attitude. Positive attitude leads to great results.
“In order to carry a positive action we must develop here a positive vision.” – Dalai Lama

Your practice area:

Deciding the area where to actually begin your driving lesson is important. Choose somewhere that is near to your house if possible, and also in a quiet street at first. Being familiar with your surroundings will make you feel more at ease.

The time of your lesson:

The timing of your driving lessons is also important. Start with a time of day when there is hardly any traffic around and gradually build up to a time of heavy traffic flow. This will help you gain your confidence around other vehicles slowly and more effectively.


Remembering details:

Remember all the details and instructions you have learned throughout your previous driving lessons and apply them collectively to your next lesson. But don’t panic, if you forget something, just ask.

Overcoming anxiety and panic:

As mentioned earlier, there is a wide variety of the causes of panic and fear.  Some drivers fear the idea of losing control and causing a collision, some fear being trapped in the car while others fear making turns, or reversing.Anxiety is not a bad thing; in fact, a small amount is good for driving. If you are not a little nervous during your driving lessons, you may become over confident. That could lead to recklessness on the road.  Just work with a positive attitude and positive results will follow.

Break task into small steps:

Break your driving challenges into small pieces. One step at a time. This makes it easier to learn and then easier to remember.

Stretch your safety zone:

Always remember that the distance being travelled is not important. Always work slowly to stretch your safety zone during your driving lessons. Add a bit of distance each day to your comfort zone if possible and enjoy owning it.

Tackling situations:

If you encounter any unusual situations and your anxiety levels starts to rise more than normal, these pointers may help you:

  • Always expect some anxious moments. Don’t be caught by surprise.
  • Allow the anxiousness to settle. Try taking some deep breaths.
  • Stay calm and communicate with your instructor.
  • Concentrate on all the positives of your previous driving lessons.

Overcoming driving anxiousness and fear can be challenging, but it is not impossible. With a positive attitude, a good instructor and your own desire to do well, you can conquer any fear.

Darshan Driving School can help you with anxieties by delivering safe and effective driving lessons. Let them help you overcome your driving fears.