Features – Driving courses Melbourne

  • Darshan driving school  located at Dandenong, Melbourne, Australia
  • We have more then 5 years experience in driving school fields
  • Our driving instructors are more then 10 years experience in teach to driving
  • Our driving school staring hours for every day morning 6.00 AM to 9.00 PM
  • Our driving school Melbourne teach to driving lessons including Saturday and Sunday for your convenient time
  • We guarantee for you first time pass driving test
  • Any types of help with driving license and driving test, car insurance details and etc you contact our driving school contact number is 0431 336 996 or our email ID is info@darshandrivingschool.com.au
  • We are very friendly behaviour to our current driving student and our alumni driving students.
  • Male and female driving Instructors are available to teach driving lessons.
  • Our driving lessons car is very modern , A/C and dual control cars we teach to you
  • Free pick up and drop your locations
  • Available in automatic and manual cars
  • Advanced driving lessons teach to you
  • Current updated for VicRoads driving rules.
  • 365 days we teach driving courses and driving lessons (including public holidays)
  • We can speak English, Hindi , Punjabi, Tamil, Chinese
  • We are proud to member of ADTAV
  • You can follow our Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/darshandrivingschool) and twitter id is (https://twitter.com/darshandriving) we updated our driving school features and driving licence information details and driving lessons offer prices.
So, if you want to start your driving or want to learn to drive, we are the right driving school.

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