Learn To Drive

Suggestions for learning to drive to be safe on the roads

When you learn to drive, it’s learning something new, so it is only natural to feel a little intimidated or a bit too over excited. And this is what leads to safety issues and complications. When you are on the road and you are just starting to learn to drive, things are way more crucial. This is because road rules are not a video game, this is real life. Your life as well as the life of your co-passengers may depend on how well you learn to drive or how well you implement your learning when it is time to actually get on the road.

Remember that you should always be on your guard as you learn to drive and also later, when you are confident that you will be able to drive on the road, all by yourself, without the instructor being by your side at all times.

Darshan driving school recommend the following tips that will help you be safe on the road:

Remember the cockpit drill at all times

When you learn to drive you would be put through a cockpit drill where the instructor will help you understand the different precautions to be taken right before you start to drive. Checking for fuel or checking if all doors are locked, are some of the examples that you will have to keep in mind during the cockpit drill. This should stay with you for the rest of your life and help you to become a capable and reliable driver.

Make sure that you have a mental check list of the rules that you must followlearn-to-drive

There are going to be rules, rules and more rules. While it is not always easy or even possible to remember them all, you can always adopt tricks that will help you remember at least the key rules that have to stick to at all times.

Never be in a hurry, it is better to take it slow and stay safe

Even as you learn to drive, the rules of “better late than never” are applicable. In other words, you shouldn’t and you must not go too fast and speed. Remember, speed kills. Also, you don’t want to rush your it instructor or asking him to teach to tricky manoeuvres
the very first time you learn to drive. Your instructor will teach you at a safe pace.

Accidents can be avoided if you are within the recommended speed limit

Observe the speed limits at all times and stick to the limit no matter what. Stay focused and resist any urge to overtake other vehicles unnecessarily. Remember that it’s all about safety, it’s not a game and certainly not a race.

Never hesitate to ask questions

When you learn to drive it is natural to have a lot of doubts and queries. Just take you’re your time and double check with your instructor if any instructions are not clear or you are still uncertain about different things. Your instructor would actually prefer you ask questions if you are not sure, rather than staying silent.

Make sure that you have had a good night’s sleep

A sleepy or fatigued driver is a bad driver, especially when you are a learner driver. To be able to function properly and take in all the instructions, you need to be fully alert and aware. A good night’s sleep the night before will certainly help put in the right frame of mind to be able to learn to drive.

Never drive if you are drunk, hungover or distracted

Just like fatigue is not good when you are learning to drive as mentioned above, being under the influence of alcohol or drugs can be very distracting and a huge safety risk. Be smart and learn to drive only when you are switched on and healthy.

Keep your phone switched off

Mobile phones and tablets can be a very fatal distraction when you learn to drive or whenever you are on the road. For your safety as well as for the safety of others around you, it is better to disconnect.

Your eyes should always be on the road

 Even a split second’s distraction can have dire consequences. Never let your thoughts wander and certainly, never let your eyes look anywhere other than the road or mirrors.

Do not break traffic rules

Rules are there for a good reason. They were made to keep everyone safe. A good driver is also a strict follower of the road rules.


Learn to drive with the best. Darshan Driving school have all the experience to help you be the best driver possible, but more importantly, they will teach you how to stay safe!!