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Driving Test Specialised Instructors

Our Driving Test Instructors prepare and take you for your drive test and provide efficient training to attain the License comfortably and at one go.

Male and Female trainers according to your convenient time and hours with Auto and Manual small and midsize cars.

The success rate is high because of our effective method of training provided. 

"Learn to Drive safely, just not for your License".

Have one assessment lesson and feel the difference in the training methodology.

We also have online training material which will be very useful during the learning process.

Services Offered

We offer the following services for all suburbs in Melbourne. 

45, 60, 90 minutes or 2 hours driving lessons

Affordable five and ten lessons package and drive test with single lessons.

Log Book training and also Overseas License Conversion. 

Customised driving class durations are also available.

Driving Test Steps

Before attending the drive test, you should have passed the driver knowledge test and hazard perception test.

VicRoads Testing Officer does the driving test and give you the feedback and advise whether you are successful or unsuccessful. 

And also find out the areas of your driving need improvement.
You can use your vehicle, and it should meet out specific criteria.
Details in VicRoads Website. Alternately can take the Driving instructor with you, which is more beneficial.
Because he can prepare you correctly to get your License. 
Before you begin the on-road component of the driving test with your car ( or your instructors' vehicle ), the testing officer will instruct you to identify and operate the vehicle controls.

Such as indicators, windscreen washer and wipers, horn, headlights (high and low beam), brake lights and hazard lights. Also windscreen demister, rear window demister (where fitted).

Finally, to start the engine.

During the test, you must demonstrate safe driving behaviours consistently. The licensing officer will make you drive in different traffic conditions. He will assess you on observation, signal use, speed choice, gap selection, following distance, lateral position, stop position, parking and control of the vehicle.

The Test is of two stages. 

In Stage One, the testing officer will give simple instructions as turn left, turn right, you must follow the instructions and show that you can drive safely and efficiently. And may include left and right turn at intersections, starting and stopping the vehicle, changing lanes, reverse park or three-point turn. If you pass stage one of the on-road test, you will progress to the next step.

Stage Two is for about 20 minutes and may include in heavy traffic, changing lanes, merging with other traffic, driving straight and curved roads.

After you have completed the test, the testing officer will give you feedback and advise whether you are successful or unsuccessful. And also the other areas of your driving that need improvement.

During the entire session, make sure that your mobile phone, pager, radio and any form of audio/visual recording device turned off. If any of the methods sound or used during the session, the Test will get terminated. Also includes in-car devices as speed warning devices, cruise control, navigators, etc.

There are certain conditions on the Automatic Car Transmission license and Manual Car Transmission License. Details found in VicRoads pages.


Our Professional, Friendly Instructors are aware of the entire testing criteria and will prepare you vigorously towards the goal of hitting your drivers license test and pass in one go. 

Where we offer our Services

We provide our services to all suburbs of Melbourne, including Inner, North, South, East and West suburbs in Melbourne and at Countryside VicRoads at additional costs ( Only for the tests ). The prices will vary according to the distance and requirements.

Driving School Lessons 

We are the proud member of ADTAV - (Australian Driver Trainers Association, Victoria)

We follow ADTAV's strict code of ethics (safe drivers for life)

Our Instructors are Keys2drive, certified Instructors.

Government-funded program to provide a free lesson and practice safe driving

Our Driving Instructors have attended and obtained Certificate IV in Transport & Logistics (Instruction)

Driving Instructors conduct the driving classes in the latest model of dual control vehicles.

All the cars fitted with heating and Air-conditioning.

We deliver the excellent driving class experience for the learner drivers/beginners / experienced.

We want our learners to drive safely for their life and not only for their licence.

We teach the road rules accordingly.

Our driving instructor provides the best experience during the lesson.

We offer driving lessons to suit a range of drivers. Book Now or call us and improve your chances of getting your licence in the first attempt of your driving test. When you choose us, you'll get expert instruction. Accurate information and guidance you need. Our Driving Instructors bring confidence within you and help you in self-drive. One of our qualified, friendly and patience trainers will pick you from school, home or any nearby VicRoads. It will be more comfortable and less stressful than learning with a family member or friend.

Our Driving Lessons taught in-depth knowledge. which includes information on knowledge tests, scenarios of online tests. 

We develop confidence in yourself and train you correctly to be a safe driver for your life.

We teach to drive safely and not for your driving licence.

The more you drive with us, you will become an expert in your driving and will develop the right habits.

We assure you about the quality of service for the amount we charge.

Automatic Driving lessons in Melbourne with Male and Female Trainers

Manual Driving lessons in Melbourne are available in selected suburbs

Gift Vouchers for any occasions

We provide gift vouchers for all driving lessons and Practical Driving Test according to your requirement.

Gift Vouchers can be for any Events or Occasions.

The sender will receive the voucher through email or by post.

The validity is for three years from the purchase date.

Learn to drive with our Instructors And Feel the difference in your driving skills


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