Learner Driver Lessons

Learner Driver Lessons With Professionals

Learner Driver Lessons planned according to the student's requirement and capability of adapting the driving skills on the road.

We have a specific method of training and design which suits all persons who want to drive safely and get their licence in their first attempt.

Our Driving Instructors are well experienced, have more patience to achieve the results of the learner to drive safely following the rules and regulations.

We adopt different techniques and make the learner become comfortable and start enjoying the learning process.

Teaching a Nervous person is an art of educating the Learner driver to learn appropriately and make them drive safely.

About us

Driving School Established in 2009

Australian owned and operated.

Multicultural driving Instructors speak English, Arabic, Bangladesh, Hindi, Punjabi, Urdu, Tamil, Telugu, Pushto, Farsi, Malayalam, Persian and Gujarati.

Insured, hold working with children card and thoroughly screened with a police check

Latest-model midsize and small size cars with dual pedal fixed and well maintained.

Most of our cars are Small and MidSize cars, which makes the students learn effectively faster, and pass the licence in one go.

We concentrate on customer satisfaction and provide the classes according to the specific requirement of the students. And guide them according to their needs.

Our Steps in Teaching to Drive

Our Learner driver lessons consist of the following methodology

  • Skill Introduction
  • Skill adapted with the direction of the Instructor
  • The craft carried out when prompted by Instructor
  • Expertise carried out with rare prompt by the Instructor
  • Ability changed without any prompting by the Instructor

So we strongly believe and have experienced, when a learner reaches the last step comfortably, will be able to get the driving licence in the first attempt itself.

Learner Driver Lesson Services and Instructors

Learner Driver Lessons comes in 45 minutes, 60 minutes, 90 minutes and 2 Hours lessons

Logbook entry training for young students.

Refresher courses to gain confidence and drive back on roads safely

Freeway and City Driving lessons, including Tram track driving experience at your preferred time.

Overseas licence conversion assistance

We have 5 and 10 lesson packages, according to the students' needs.

Driving test packages comes individually and with a lesson before the test.

Package customised according to the student's requirement.

Our Driving Instructor are Keys2drive certified Trainers.

Government-funded program to provide free lesson

Automatic Driving lessons with Male and Female Trainers

Manual Driving lessons are available in selected suburbs

Australian Driver Trainers Association, Victoria - Member of ADTAV 

We follow ADTAV's strict code of ethics (safe drivers for life)

Our Driving Instructors have obtained Certificate IV in Transport & Logistics (Instruction)

Driving Instructors come for your Practical Driving test in the latest model cars.

We deliver the excellent driving lesson experience for the learner drivers/beginners / experienced.

We want our learners to drive safely for their life and not only for their licence.

One of our qualified, friendly and Professional Instructor will pick you from home, school, Railway station, nearby VicRoads or at agreed places.

It will be efficient and less stressful than learning with a family member or friend.

Our Driving Lessons taught in-depth knowledge.

The more you drive with an instructor, you will become confident in your driving and will gain the right habits.

Drive Test pass Guarantee

We offer First Time Pass Guarantee. After the first assessment lesson, according to the students' performance.

We suggest the best package, which will prepare the student to get the driving license at one go. If the student agrees to come for the recommended solution, then the pass guarantee applies.

Or the retest will be given at no cost ( Terms apply ).

We not only guide our students in the test route areas. We take driving lessons in and around other suburbs to give better experience. 

Where we offer our Services

We provide our services to all suburbs of Melbourne, including Inner, North, South, East and West suburbs in Melbourne and at Countryside VicRoads ( Only for the driving test ).

The prices will differ according to the distance and requirements.

Gift Vouchers for your loved ones

We offer gift vouchers for all driving lessons and driving tests according to your requirement.

Gift Vouchers can be for any Events or Occasions.

The gift voucher will be by providing the details of the gift sender & receiver.

The sender will receive the voucher by email.

The validity is for three years from the purchase date.

Learn to drive with our Instructors And Feel the difference in your driving skills

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