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Our School Provides Manual Driving Lessons and Automatic Transmission experience for all Suburbs. Our Male / Female Driving Instructors for your convenience.

Our Driving School Pricing is affordable with our Professional, Friendly and Reliable Instructors.

We usually recommend any learner driver to attend for one driving lesson and feel the difference in our success Training Method.

Moreover, our Instructor also can evaluate and guide you accordingly by recommending the best solution according to your requirement.

Because we firmly believe that the learner should be comfortable in the learning process. Alternatively, they will not learn to drive correctly with safe driving habits and with confidence.

Learning to drive in Manual transmission cars are not easy compared to automatic cars without gear.

Starting and stopping the vehicle is toughest one in the learning process.

Manual Driving Lessons Services

We provide Free Keys2drive class for safer drivers skills.

Affordable packages from beginners to experienced learner drivers

Logbook training provided to add up students hours

Automatic Car Lessons with MultiCultural Trainers

Manual Car Lessons with MultiCultural Instructors.

Our Driving Instructor provide you with First time Pass Guarantee deal for your Practical Driving Test.

After the first evaluation lesson, we recommend you the best package which will make you get your driving licence in one go.

Our top class instructors will be ready to give you tips on driving automatic and manual cars efficiently.


There are no restrictions and conditions when you hit the test in Manual transmission vehicles.

For example, when you attend your driving licence test in manual transmission, you will be only able to drive auto or manual vehicles.

And it depends on how old you are and whether you hold overseas licence / international licences. For further details, visit the VicRoads website.

We are experienced for more than 11 Years in this industry.

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