Manual Transmission - Single Lesson Prices
Manual 45 Minutes Lesson


45 Minutes x 1 Driving Lesson
Manual 60 Minutes Lesson


60 Minutes x 1 Driving Lesson
90 Minutes


90 Minutes x 1 Driving Lesson

Manual transmission driving school

If you want to drive manual car, our expert and friendly instructors can guide you at the every stage of your driving. 

We have Affordable driving school pricing for single lesson and also for the package of 5 and 10 lessons. So for packages contact our Manual driving lessons instructors from DDS.

Learning a manual car is a good experience for anyone who enjoy driving. It is a simple way of learning car. In this lesson you can learn and practise driving with us. DDS-Melbourne has the best instructors and they are very experienced. They will guide you to pass the test and also they will give you few tricks to be safe on busy road and streets.

Whoever coming from different city and county they want to concentrate more on rules and regulations and they choose for single lesson driving. So that they can learn and practise easily. DDS-Melbourne instructors are very friendly and good. We will help you to drive on busy roads. Driving manual car could be hard if you lose concentration, Hence, we offer our services of driving lessons Melbourne CBD, so you can become familiarise with driving in busiest area of city. Also you need to be good with the theory. Our instructor will teach you some road related theory and also they will give suggestion on practical practice. We offer very affordable price and also we offer pick and drop. Travelling for the driving class could be difficult for you but we made it easy for you. DDS-Melbourne wants their students to be the best driver and accordingly we teach them to be safer too.

Book now your Manual transmission driving school lessons!!!!

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