10 Lessons Prices
45 Minutes


45 Min x 10 Driving Lesson $440.00

60 Minutes


60 Min x 10 driving lessons $570.00

90 Minutes


90 Min x 10 driving lessons $870.00

Manual driving school lesson packages

Manual driving is full of excitement and you will enjoy driving. We DDS Melbourne will help you with the best driving techniques. All our driving instructors are pretty good and fantastic. They will guide you with each and every steps. We are the best when it comes to training a manual car. Manual driving school lesson packages will help you to save money and also time. You don’t have spent lots of time on searching someone who can guide and help you. Just call us and find the best offer from us. Also we have package of lesson before your driving test, where our instructor will give you lesson before your driving test and accompany you in your test as well..

We also have some offer and gift coupons which students can utilize for themselves or for their friends and family. We always encourage new and beginner drivers. They might make mistakes on road and in busy traffic area, that’s the reason why they need more guidance. We give them full support and supervise them to learn in a smart and good way. We make them confident enough to drive alone. Manual driving could be hard for people who have just started driving, and they need more training and so we offer more affordable driving school pricing for them. We DDS Melbourne will help you to improve driving skills. And we can guide you if you need any particular help from us. All our staffs and instructors are professional and trained in this field. They have been working for a long time. DDS Melbourne also work to help you in turning overseas license to Australian license. We are affordable and located everywhere in Melbourne.

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