Automatic Driving Test
Test Drive


$150 - Driving Test

45 Minutes


$190 - Which Includes 45 Minutes- lesson before test

60 Minutes


$200 - Which Includes 60 Minutes- lesson before test

Automatic car driving test instructor

An automatic car driving test instructor is the one who trains you the best practice of driving. We have perfect automatic car test instructors who can train you with good driving test practice. Driving an automatic is full of fun and our instructor will teach you the finest way to pass the test. Passing the driving test is not an easy job in Australia, you need to be perfect with Vic Roads driving test routes. Otherwise it would be difficult to get the license. We - DDS offer affordable driving school pricing and so anyone can start driving easily. 

We have professionally trained driving instructors and they can train you the good way to practice driving. Driving on a busy streets and roads could be hard without any proper training, that’s the reason why you need proper fine training with professional instructor. Your driving skills needs more and more repetition and development. That's why we are offering automatic driving school lesson packages, so you can practice more before hitting your test. Passing out the test is not simple and you need to be good with each and every test routes. We can train in that manner and also we can help you to find the best way out. All our driving test instructors are experienced and they know your requirements. That’s why there is no need to worry about your training. Call us today for the driving test practice and also for the test we can help you. DDS Melbourne has some offer and gift coupons all the time and which you can utilize for yourself and for your friend or family.

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