Manual Driving Test
Test Drive


$150- Test Drive

45 Minutes


$170 - Which Includes 45 Minutes Driving lesson before test

60 Minutes


$200 - Which Includes 60 Minutes Driving lesson before test

Manual car driving test instructor

Are you finding difficulties finding good manual car driving test instructor? Then call us today we will assist you with every steps of driving. We are the superior in this field and we can help you finding your perfect driving instructor. DDS Melbourne has got friendliest and experienced instructors. They can help you in learning driving in a smart way. We are very affordable and with our discount and gift voucher you can save some money. DDS Melbourne is not just popular but we are favourite for every student. Whoever come to us they never feel disappointed or sad. All our instructors are good trainer and they are very friendly. Learning and developing can’t happen over the night. You have to spend some time and practice to be the best in driving. We have instructor who can train you in perfect way. We are very proud to have these instructors. Also we have affordable driving school pricing, so anyone can come and book the lessons according to their need. Specially visit to our website and find out more about manual driving school lesson packages, which will be very useful to you.

We DDS Melbourne is the superior and finest example of driving school. We can help you to learn the modern way of driving and forget the traditional way of learning. We have developed a good way of driving practice as well as learning and developing the skill. There is no more traditional practice and all have changed to a modern way of learning.

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