Single Lesson Prices
45 Minutes


45 Min X 1 Driving Lesson $45.00

60 Minutes


60 Min X 1 Driving Lesson $60

90 Minutes


90 Min X 1 Driving Lesson $90

90 Minutes


120 Min X 1 Driving Lesson Price $115*


Automatic driving school lesson packages

We DDS Melbourne has got the best package for automatic cars. We have the best automatic driving school lesson packages for you. We can offer you the finest deal and a package which suits you the best. We have some offers all the time. Whenever you join us you can talk to our instructor about it and choose the best for yourself. Driving an automatic car is simple and full of excitement. Driving will change your personality to a dynamic personality. Driving is very important when it comes to be independent and deals everything in a good way. With our Affordable driving school pricing, unique offers and packages you can get the best from it. You can utilize it perfectly and our friendly instructors will help you to improve faster. DDS Melbourne has the best and friendly instructors who will guide you through every steps of driving. Guidance in driving is very important because if the training is not good then you will face trouble in passing out the driving test. Also you might required for more than one lessons, so we also offer packages where our automatic driving lessons instructors will give you 5 lessons at your suitable time

We have professional instructors and they guide students in god way. If you are looking for someone who can help you properly and advise you how to drive properly, then you should join us. Our greatest offer and packages will help you to save money and learn faster.

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